Meet Veronica! R.O.S.E. Brand Ambassador

Who are you? Veronica

What are some of the hats that you wear on a daily basis? Hats? Mama, Masters CrossFitter, CrossFit L1 instructor & Yoga teacher, LoneStar CrossFit athlete, girlfriend extraordinaire, Dancer, crocheter/knitter, Counselor (though on hiatus), and currently, I am an Advanced Consultant with Jamberry Nails helping others with #lifeonthefingertips!

What’s your background and where are you from? I am from Corpus Christi, Texas. I have roots that are Native American, African, and Spanish.

What made you decide to model for R.O.S.E.? There's something powerful that happens when you wear something that helps to be of service to others. It provides you with a sense that we are truly interconnected, more importantly, it puts perspective on how privileged many of us are. It's education for the heart and soul! Plus, they're just so fun to wear!

What goal did you recently achieve? I recently won my first female Masters (40-49 yrs) CrossFit competition in Amarillo, Tx! I was so grateful to be on that podium and represent Lonestar, CrossFit programming for folks like me. What’s the next goal on your list? To continue mastering things like Muscle-ups and Handstand Walks, but to also continue working with my favorite populations namely Veterans using Creative Arts Modalities like Somatic Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy.

Who/What inspires you? My inspiration comes from our natural surroundings, my son, the physical abilities that I am trained to do via CrossFit, Yoga, and Dance...and my crafty handiwork.

What’s your take on education? Formal Education is often a privilege for so many! How can one not recognize that fact! Education is also a gift that can turn the heart and mind into something extraordinary. It's something not to be taken for granted!

What is your educational background? I have an MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Dance/Movement Therapy, and a BA in Dance.

How do you make positive change in this world? I am of service to those who are simply trying to better their lives. Whether that's through improving their fitness, or for those finding their healthy emotional capacity to be with their past traumas. Positive change starts from the inside but sometimes you need an outer change to help that process along! Like wearing these leggings!

How do you think others can make a difference? Others can make a difference by doing their best to turn down the negative chatter, socially and internally. We are bombarded with negative press, current negative political American platforms, and global crises that can bring the dark floods to our minds, daily. I believe we can simply choose how to reflect in a positive way by reaching out with posts of support and happiness. Not turning our backs but recognizing that life is difficult and your reflections can add to the negative! So smile a little more, help your neighbors often, hug your families tight, and reach out to our local and global communities, because it's time for us to share the light! Thank you Veronica!

Stay on the lookout for our next interview! :)

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HALF of proceeds from this collection goes to She's The First who provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries with the goal of creating first-generation graduates and our next generation of global leaders.

The acronym R.O.S.E. means: Respect others, self, environment. Our Mission: To inspire, educate & create positive change by supporting non-profits and their causes through fashion.

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